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Our goals are:

To give entrepreneurs and employees the opportunity to place their shares in the company on the "secondary market" before an "exit scenario".

To provide investors with access to attractive companies in order to acquire company shares from shareholders in the context of a secondaries. 

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Our Equity Lifter approach

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Shareholders who wish to sell their shares on the secondary market

Equity Lifter gives founders and shareholders access to capital to buy shares from co-founders.

Deal-Matching und Faciliating

Equity Lifter brings seller and buyer together and ensures an appropriate balance of interests. In doing so, a healthy balance is to be established and the value of the seller's shares is to be assessed in real terms. But also to give the buyer an appropriate price advantage (discount) on the valuation as an incentive. This ensures the seller's desire for liquidity and the buyer's need to maintain the risk/reward ratio.

Investors seeking secondaries as an entry point into companies

In this process, the company shares are offered for sale to suitable investors who have a targeted interest in the respective area. This provides access to young, growing technology companies. 

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Thanks! The whole process from contact through relationship management with existing shareholders up to the sale was professional and smoothly handled by Equity Lifter team.

T | undisclosed selling shareholder

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The process of selling shares is designed to be simple. Here we answer the most important questions.

How does the process start?

The seller determines the maximum amount of shares he wants to sell and receives from Equity Lifter an estimate of the range of the price to be received. Once the range is set, Equity Lifter receives the mandate to sell.

What will the sale of my company shares cost me?

Once a buyer has been found, Equity Lifter participates on a commission basis as part of a phased model. This amounts to the lower end of the price range of the sales price. In case of a sale at the upper end, the commission increases. However, this is always capped within the price range. 

Is there already a fee for the request?

Inquiries to Equity Lifter are non-binding and free of charge. 

All that is important is a concrete description of the company and the business model as well as some commercial information about the company, which we collect via a simple questionnaire. In addition, a sales permit is required. This means that the shares must be actually available and owned by the shareholder (i.e. no stock options, phantom stocks, etc.). 

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